Black Earth Kollektiv

Online-Workshop [in English]
Tue 04/26, 12am-1:30pm, Sparta

Input on climate justice from a decolonial perspective, BIPoC resistance movements, and discussion/exchange on art as a tool by Sumugan Sivanesan and Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante, members of the Black Earth, a BIPoC Environmental & Climate Justice collective, centering anti-racist, queer, and ecosystem/ecological perspectives through its existence and actions.

To tackle the climate crisis at its root, we must think of all forms of oppression at the same time.

In this workshop we look at the intersections of colonialism and climate crisis. Acknowledging the centuries old anti-colonial struggles, hearing the silenced movements and communities at the forefront of environmental/climate crisis today and looking at the ignored forecasts for the next decades. We want to dismantle the dualistic, colonial, patriarchal knowledge system, which is still in operation today. This unavoidably leads to questioning the binaries between human & nature, men & women, Black & white. This is an opportunity to deepen the understanding of our own entanglements. We therefore want to discuss how art can be a tool of resistance and which power structures lie within the art scene.

Sumugan Sivanesan is an anti-disciplinary artist, researcher and writer. Often working collaboratively his interests span migrant histories and minority politics, activist media, artist infrastructures and more-than-human rights. He is currently developing to research anticolonial media and music. In Helsinki, he has been working in collaboration with Pixelache.

Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante studied naturopathy, nature conservation and ecology in Berlin and Potsdam. In addition to botanical interest, Abeni works on the intersection how oppression of marginalized groups and the exploitation of ecosystems relate to each other.