Fossil Free Culture

Workshop [in English]
Thu 04/27, 2-5pm, Sparta

„The climate crisis is the biggest existential challenge humanity has ever consciously had to face. Its likelihood has been cemented by decades of climate denial; paid for and promoted by fossil fuel companies. Artists, critics and cultural institutions must recognise and act upon the fact that the planet and its life support systems are collapsing all around us in the hands of unrestrained fossil capital.“

“We are a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics working at the intersection of art and climate activism. We are committed to eroding the fossil fuel industry’s public image and their social license to operate.

Through disobedient performances and interventions in institutions that accept such sponsorship, we expose the ecological and social devastation that the fossil fuel industry inflicts on the planet, and lay bare the way these cultural institutions actively sanitise the reputation of companies like Royal Dutch Shell.

We also organize trainings, give workshops, lectures, throw memorable parties, make soup with and for the community and are setting up a Disobedient Art School.“

FFC is mostly active in the Netherlands, a country with one of the highest CO2-emissions. Through their disobedient acts FFC have already caused major art institutions, like Rijksmuseum, Eye Museum, Conceertgebouw in Amsterdam to end oil and gas sponsorships.

The workshop will teach methods on how to blend art and activism; how actions can be poetic and aesthetically irresistible and how art can be more effective and affective for meaningful change.

The trainings and workshops we give are held within this framework:

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The workshop is introduced by and connected to the seminar „Collectivisms and Collaborations in Art and their Influence on Aesthetic Educational Concepts“ by Susanne Henning and Sara Hornäk.